Making a pattern unique after duplicating

Seems like sometimes I duplicate a pattern and it makes it a 'new' pattern. (ie the duplicate of 'pattern 1' automatically becomes 'pattern 2'). While other times I duplicate and it just becomes another instance of the same pattern (duplicate of 'pattern 1' is also 'pattern 1')...

Hit some workflow issues from this, for example if I have a simple melodic pattern I often want to duplicate it and then add/edit notes in the new 'block'.. But sometimes I find the notes/edits I add to the duplicate also alter the original pattern it was duplicated from (when I've not noticed that both instances are the 'same' pattern name). But then other times things seem to automatically be how I want them to and the duplicate is a 'new' pattern.

What's the recommended procedure for this kind of workflow? And if I have 4 instance of 'pattern 1' can I later make these become patterns 1,2,3,4?


  • I think I have experienced that you are describing. Currently, you have to make sure you select your new pattern after duplicating it. I also recommend using scenes to check your pattern arrangements, then dump them into arrangement (song mode ) after.

  • Also i tried to duplicate an audio track (i don't know if it's possible ?) and it makes the BM3 to crash.

  • Thanks @jblongz

    OK cool. I'll be more careful in future ;) The ability to (later on) break a pattern from its relationship with others of the same name would be useful. For times when you wanna add a few notes/edits late in the game..

    There's probably a pretty straight forward workaround tho that won't feel too sketchy once I have more of a grip on the sequencer pages..
  • @Heyez
    When u use the small popup button which shows up next to your pattern it creates a linked pattern (pattern 1 ->pattern 1) and when u use the button with the caption "duplicate" at the bottom right u create a new copy (pattern 1 -> pattern 2)
  • Okay I need to test this out when I get home. I was having the same problem yesterday and I thought I had to be missing something obvious. Thanks!

  • @dhaNiro thanks! Makes way more sense to me now :) Seemed to be happening at random before..
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