Audio crash single cycle sample

Love playing around with the sampler sofar


  • Seems like part of the text dissapeared, sorry about that.

    The problem arose when trying to use a very short portion of a longer sample (one cycle) to make a synth-like sound. At first it played well, then all sound stopped. Nothing on the iPad would make a sound anymore (tried garageband, video, playing a song...)

    On opening Garageband I heard a faint click as if the audio was started and immediately turned off again.

    I had to reboot the iPad to make this work again. The sample I used also dissapeared from the project.

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    Hey @denx and welcome.

    Sorry about that -- if you are ever able to reproduce the issue would you mind saving the bank or session and post it here? Seems like the audio engine was caught in an infinite loop.

    Also, a few questions:

    • Was disk streaming turned on?
    • Was live stretch turned on?

    Cheers and thanks for the bug report.

  • Hi @mathieugarcia,
    As far as, I can remember disk streaming was turned off, live stretch might or might not have been turned on the moment the problem presented itself, since I was fiddling around quiet a bit.

    If it happens again and I can recover it, I will post it.


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    @denx said:
    Seems like part of the text dissapeared, sorry about that.

    Did you use any smiles?

    Seem certain ones will delete everything after it/them. @mathieugarcia


  • Ah, indeed, that must be it!

  • @denx said:
    Ah, indeed, that must be it!


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