AU audio glitches using macro knobs


I've noticed what seems to be an issue with using macro knobs to control AU parameters. When I do this, and then use the macro knobs it seems to cause intermittent CPU spikes and associated audio glitches.

It doesn't happen if you manipulate the same parameter in the same way, from the AU interface directly, only if you've gone into the 'Show AU knobs' panel and bound it to a macro.

It also still occurs if the AU is 'off' and not effecting the sound. As soon as you remove the binding, and the macro stops adjusting the AU, the glitches stop.

This happens with any AU; instrument or effect.

This doesn't happen with the built in effects when bound to macros.

Anyone else experienced this/able to reproduce this?


  • I'm having the same issue with ruismaker. I need to test some of my other AU's
  • Some further testing on the above; Assigning a controller directly to a parameter on an AU with built in midi learn is fine too.

    It just seems to be an issue when the parameter is being controlled via a macro knob.

  • Hey guys,

    Was the macro knob only bound to one parameter, or multiple?

    Let me know,

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    @mathieugarcia said:
    Hey guys,

    Was the macro knob only bound to one parameter, or multiple?

    Let me know,

    Hi Mathieu,

    It happens for me with one parameter or multiple.

    For info, I'm on an iPad mini 4 currently running iOS 10.3.1.

    It's worth noting that it happens at all buffer sizes. Less at 1024, but it still happens.

    It seems that something about macros controlling AU parameters is freaking out the CPU


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    This still seems to be an issue with 3.0.2.

    After further experimentation, it seems to only occur when you set the macros on AUs to have minimum/maximum values which are not the standard 0% - 100%.

    Maybe this isn't an issue for most people, but it kind of limits the usefulness of macros for me.

    Anyway, good updates in general. Keep it up.

  • +1 I have the same issue with ruismaker
  • Yeah have been having this issue with macros. Awkward one as automating by dials records much more smoothly than moving them on the AUs own interface.

    Happens for me even when just automating or macro'ing any single parameter.
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    +1 agree with everyone above.

    I have a bluetooth Korg NanoKey Studio, and when I realised that I could bind each of the AU parameters in BramBos's Troublemaker (Cut/Res/Del/Env etc.) to a separate Macro, then map those macros to the 8 pots on my midi controller I started dreaming about all the amazing funky 303 acid riffs I could play live or record-automate using BM3.

    ...alas, the CPU spikes and popping this still causes in 3.0.2 means I'll have to wait a bit longer before I can bathe in my acid bath.

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