Can I export patterns?


I love BM3 so far (it's my first BeatMaker version), however, I prefer to use iOS to make my loops/patterns, then arrange them in Ableton Live. I figured out how to export the whole song as well as individual tracks, but is there any way to export a bank's patterns as individual loops?

For example, let's say I have:

Bank A

  • pattern 1
  • pattern 2
  • pattern 3

Bank B

  • pattern 1
  • pattern 2

Is there some way I can export where I get all 5 patterns there in a folder for sequencing later? Or do I have no choice except to sequence out my song in BM3?

The scenes are cool, too, so I would settle for exporting all the patterns in a scene as separate loops.

Thanks so much!!

  • Dave
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