BM3 Not Receiving MIDI from second device? (iCA4+)

First up, love BeatMaker3. Thanks very much @mathieugarcia & co. Blows the lid off. I've hit a brick wall in my workflow though..

I rout a lot of MIDI between devices and control generators hosted on device 2 (BM3 device) from device 1. I set everything up perfectly (for my tastes) in BM3, different plugins being triggered by the correct MIDI channels for my controllers. However, while everything else works perfectly, BM3 won't receive (react to?) MIDI data from the first device.

I've checked and double checked the MIDI setup and I can confirm that the data is coming into the device fine. As a test I used Lorentz. Hosted in BM3 it doesn't pick up anything (while working fine from a controller or BM3 controls), whereas if I host it in AUM or as a stand alone app receiving the same channel from the same source, it responds just fine.

Anyone got any comment or insight?


  • Hi Oscar.
    Yes midi is broken for me too when using iCA4+. That's not all, when used in conjunction with Audiobus 3 and BM3 there are quite a few other bugs with the iCA4 and BM3. Distorted audio and silence/freezes/crashes etc.
    I've not heard anything back from Intua about when they are likely to address these issues unfortunately.

    Problem is this makes BM3 not really usable for me that much until it is fixed because I use the iCA4 all the time...

  • Hey guys,

    Those MIDI issues are being investigated.
    Stay tuned and sorry for the inconvenience.


  • @mathieugarcia Thanks very much for the update! Appreciated!

    By the way .. (not wanting to take your time away from BM3..)
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