Workflow dropouts

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One thing that seems to hinder BM3 compared to some of the hardware alternatives is the way that audio drops out when changing some parameters. For instance if I have a fast arpeggio kind of pattern running and want to change the number of available voices. From mono to variations of poly, the audio drops out each time I change voice count. A shame cos being able to use parameter change like this (without dropouts) would be a huge + to the performance and resampling side of BM3. Seems like these kind of changes currently kill the playing sample and then sound comes back when it's next triggered in the sequencer.

Maybe it's possible to tweak the coding to allow some of these things, that currently seem to require a dropout, to do what they're doing without killing the audio/current playing sample?


  • Hey @Heyez

    It's pretty tricky, because we need to ensure no voices are running on the audio thread, so we basically kill them and make the change in polyphony. It's not excluded that we improve this in the future.


  • Hey @mathieugarcia
    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I had a feeling it was probably a difficult area/neccessary to have things the way they are. You guys must be slammed with work on feature additions & bugs atm so I won't hold my breath on this one ;)
    Had another quick BM3 session today. I'd sworn off ios for this kind of stuff but I'm pretty hooked on it :) Good luck with it all!
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