Forum improvements!



  • Tagged all tips n tricks, click in tag cloud for list, also created a consolidated tips n tricks list in the relevant forum ;)

  • Beat battles and votes in the tag cloud so you can click to get a list of all previous comps

  • Consolidated video tutorial list added ;)

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • @5pinlink
    Just wanted to say how much these continual tweaks and consolidations are very much appreciated.

    Some of us do realise how much work this behind-the-scenes re-organisation actually takes :)

  • No probs ;)
    I just have a night now and again of activity to do it all haha

  • Been creating the AUfx compatibility list and associated threads, so sorry about the forum disruption tonight ;)

  • I'm glad this forum exists, audiobus is a mess even though it's the most popular iOS musician's watering hole. I just wish one of these spots would pony up for a discourse instance rather than re-writing their own forum software!

  • edited February 2018

    Added a template list to the resources forum ;)
    Tagged all relevant threads with 'Template' for the tag cloud.

  • Updated a ton of fx pages with install size (Quite surprising how generally the ones apple give are complete bullsxxt compared to what IOS tells you)
    Started to add prices and descriptions to the plugin pages, developer descriptions are actually complete crap though, if anybody feels like posting a description, post it on the relevant plugins page and i will update, cheers

  • @5pinlink prices might be a lot of work to keep track of? They seem to change every week.

  • Really ?
    Is that bad ?

  • Ah, maybe I’m exaggerating. We’ll keep an eye on it for ya.

  • edited March 2018

    Im dubious of adding prices if they change that much, the idea was to put extra tags so if you had some spare moolah you could click "Under £3" and get a nice list of threads.

  • That would actually be really useful. Let’s do it. I’ll subscribe to the AUs in Appshopper and let you know when they change.

  • Im not updating hundreds of threads each week lol

  • Lol fair enough.

    Search ‘AUv3’ on Appshopper and sort by price it is then!

  • edited April 2018

    Added a div and some images for links (first two kits) if people can test with their various browsers, should make those links a little bit more obvious, let me know, better or worse ?

    If it seems better i will update the lists and posts.

  • Completely changed the resource list thread
    It was a pain in the exhaust port to read on phones, should be really easy to navigate on anything now :)

  • Yeah its tidier, was doing my head in on the phone hahaha.

  • edited June 2018

    Its at the top and bottom of the posts, in mobile and normal view ;)

  • edited June 2018

    Aaaaah must have been broken with the last forum software update :(

  • edited June 2018

    New download icon added to resource list
    New icons (app store/website) added to new resource pages (Will go back and add them in to all resources pages over the next months, big job)

  • @korakios said:
    How about merging/closing topics ,on the Feature Request category when duplicated?
    Also if a feature is added we could add an “implemented” tag and close the thread .

    I did all that for months, but it gets very tiresome when you are merging/closing/deleting the same feature request sometimes 3 or 4 times a day because nobody searches before posting.

  • Searching would have helped, i even created a list of feature requests so searching wasnt even needed, nobody read it and the same requests happened day after day.

    It is much quieter here now, so you dont see it, trust me, its a piontless/thankless exercise.

  • Im gonna let this drop down too, tidy the front page a bit, i will update the thread if needs be, but it doesnt need to be sticky any more ;)

  • Hmm this post may be off topic, not sure though ??

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