Support Horizontal Zoom in the pattern editor scroll bar

This scrollbar should support Pinch Zoom for the pattern editor (ModStep currently does this, and it's a great feature for workflow).


  • You can easily pinch zoom both horizontally and vertically right in the pattern area. Why try to pinch in a tight scroll bar when you already have the larger area under it?

  • Couple of reasons.
    1) A lot of the time I just want to make the timeline shorter/longer - but I'm happy with the height (e.g. I'm editing a drum pattern).
    2) This is how the note/pad labels on the left of the pattern work, so it would be more consistent.
    3) It means I can zoom in and out easily without worrying about accidentally creating notes on the pattern.

    And finally, it's just a way quicker and more efficient workflow. It's one of the things ModStep got right.

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