Multiple Select in the Pattern Editor

While it is currently possible to select multiple notes in the pattern editor using the rectangle select tool, this only allows you to select items in a particular rectangle. It should also be possible to select multiple items by tapping them (this would be another mode like the hand select and rectangle select tools). This would be particularly useful when doing CC/Velocity editing.


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    During beta I exchanged many ideas with @mathieugarcia regarding the select tool.

    The ideas keep on getting 'refined' all the time.
    My current standpoint with a pretty flexible selection tool is as follows.

    When the selection tool is active tapping on events (notes or controllers) adds them to the selection.
    Tapping them again removes them from the selection.
    Tap-n-Hold outside the selection (ie. not touching on any notes or events) enables a 'lasso tool' for easy group-selection.

    Long tap on any note in the selection pops up an option to cut, copy or move the selected events.
    If the clip-board contains events long-tap on an empty locations in the pattern brings up an option to paste the clip-board content.

    It's quite a daunting task to have 'just enough features' but still keep things somewhat simple to use.

  • I agree. Maybe a "lock select" button, so we can scroll around the pattern and continue selection. I guess it would serve like a command (mac) or control (win) key.

  • "Samus post"
    Yep that looks to be pretty much standard behaviour, would be perfect.
  • "Samus post"

    Yes I agree. There's another IOS piano roll that has exactly that behavior and it works very well.

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    For me (in pattern edit view):
    1. Tapping an event after selecting it does not de-select it. I have to tap on a blank area of pattern to de-select event.
    2. Long tap on a note in a selection does not pop up an option to cut or copy the selected events, but I can move it. When I tap/select an event I only get option in bottom right corner to Quantize ,Duplicate, or Delete event. ...I suppose duplicate is the similar to "copy", but I imagine nothing is copied to the clipboard, so I can't paste.

    Is this buggy behavior, or I am missing something?

  • If I'm totally honest the pattern editor still needs plenty of love and attention from the developers...

    During the beta I had some 'issues' with the needle-like editing of controller data and suggested the usage of a graphical design similar to the 'step modulator' but the 'needles' won I guess. Not a huge fan of them to be honest :(

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