Modulations snapshot banks

On the modulations screen it would be killer if there was a little button that toggled the 16 x Pads buttons/graphics in window to the left, turning them in to 16 x modulation snapshots buttons .. Hold down a snapshot pad for couple seconds to take a snapshot of the current modulation settings. Could then use these live as performace tool and/or record jamming on them as automation. Macros are cool but for more precise/fast switching of a bunch of parameters this would be ideal...

Going further... Haven't really thought it through but some way to also have a bank of 'master' snapshots that applied settings across all banks' modulations with one tap would be great too.

Would be a huge feature addition :)

For now (something probably far simpler to add but way less interesting ;) it would be great if the modulations bypass buttons were recorded in automation. They don't seem to be, unless I'm missing something?

Also, LFO/env options on modulation Ratio please ;)
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