BM3: Thor not receiving MIDI notes

Hi, all. I have BM3 running with several hosted plugs: Troublemaker (AUv3), Sunrizer (IAA), and Thor (IAA). The first two respond fine to MIDI data sent from patterns and the keyboard inside BM3, but Thor doesn't seem to receive any MIDI data. I can play notes inside Thor and the audio gets routed back into BM3 and into the FX chain and mixer. iPad Pro 9.7, iOS 10. Anybody have any suggestions for what I could try to get BM3 talking to it? I'm pretty new to iOS music making, so forgive me if I'm missing something.


  • I've no problems with Thor in BM3. I get Audio inside BM3 and patterns sends midi to Thor. Check the Midi Setup for Banks and Pads.

  • Yep setting the MIDI output port to Thor did it. Don't know how I missed that setting before, and I don't know why that didn't get set automatically. Thanks!

  • It's a bit tricky! The midi setup could be easier but it's a routing thing...

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