On a 4 gig iPhone...

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I am excited to purchase and download Beatmaker tonight, but I was wondering - Could I expect some problems because I own the 4gig iPhone? Does Beatmaker take up alot of space? I have heard that the sound samples sound great, so I suspect they may be large files...

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    runs great on my 4gig.... not sure how big the total app is though... only problem ive had is sometimes it will crash on load up but rebooting my phone fixes that.. great app...
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    Works beautifully on my 4 GB iPhone.

    Took me a few tries to get it installed. The first time I tried to get it through the on-phone app store, the download failed part of the way through. I checked for purchases on my computer, and it grabbed it, but the app wouldn't install on my phone at first, After some finagling, it finally went on and now it works exactly as advertised.
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    Beatmaker is roughly 120 MB in size + your samples...so it should work fine
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