Sequencer/pattern playback behaviors/options

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Sequencer was the main thing I thought I'd struggle with in ios/touchscreen. Some workflow stuff I'm finding a little clunky/not making total sense to me. Hoping someone can clarify few things/drop some insight on best workflows.

Seems strange that the transport always rewinds to the start of the playback loop region and I keep having to slide the playback loop around to specify a new 'after I've pressed stop, start playback from here' point.
Can I not set it so that 'stop' winds the transport to the vertical line? So 'stop' auto rewinds to the vertical line. And maybe a fast double press on 'stop' could auto rewind to the start of the song/loop region. Or something like that ;)
Just seems strange that when transport is stopped I can decide where I want playback to begin from by setting the vertical line and press play. But after that, as soon as I press 'stop', that 'playback start position' preference vanishes. And playback reverts to starting from the playback loop's start point. Am I missing something obvious? I'll try and read thru the manual over weekend :)

In pattern edit view can I make it so 'play' automatically plays from the start of pattern I'm editing? Ignoring the song sequncer's playback loop position etc. I thought I had this behaviour happen automatically in a session yesterday but doesn't seem to be the case.

What's best way to copy/paste automation? Can I duplicate automation in same action when I duplicate a pattern? If not, how do I make automation fall in the same place when I paste it. Spent 10 minutes trying to copy the automation from one pattern to the same pattern further down the time line. Couldn't get it to paste in the right position within a bar.



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    Sorry to bump this but the duplicate/copy and paste automation thing is killing me ;) what's the drill to copy/paste automation from one pattern and have it in exactly same position on another patten? I either get a huge gap before the automation or it pastes on the first beat of the pattern. Guessing I'm missing something/user error? Looked at the manual and nothing jumped out at me..
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