Alphabetize/Sort Dropbox files

When I access my Dropbox account, the files/folders do not seem to be in any kind of order. Frustrating having to scroll through everything! Sorting by date would be nice too, but extra. Not sure if DB api allows this... But, alphabetical should be there at minimum...


  • +1.....I thought I was the only one perturbed by this lack of organization.
  • A folders always at top option is needed in the browser too, scrolling through 200 samples for a sub folder that has been sorted by alphabet is annoying. (Didn't seem worth a new thread)

  • Yes, agree @5pinlink ...although the answer problem is, "tags"...wonder if there is a way to batch tag.... need to look more into the organization part

  • Adding this in the backlog, great suggestion.


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    @mathieugarcia you mean adding batch tagging to the backlog? What about some control over sorting dropbox files. I have never encountered an app that does not at LEAST sort files alphabetically when accessing dropbox...or is this jumbled dropbox not happening to many people? Will this be fixed?

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    OK. Fine. LOL... For anyone else with my dropbox issues... I just went on and bought Audioshare (talked about often the forum), which actually is imho a far better way to access Dropbox files than through BM3... things like:

    -converting files' bit-rate, frequency
    -batch zip/import to beatmaker
    -one of the best is hitting play on the first of x number of files in a list and audioshare playing each sample in sequence until you stop it.. .GREAT for going through drum hits... I let BM3 track play in background so I can hear the sound in context..

    ...and I am sure there is much more awesomeness than I have discovered yet... yeah, I'm late, but better than never...

  • +1 for sort by date and folders on top for the file browser

  • @mathieugarcia ... Got the latest update 3.0.3. My Dropbox files are still appearing in a random, non alphabetical order. Is this a problem only I am having? Never mind the fancy custom sorting. What about simply alphabetical order? Or, is it just me?

  • @mre8 just checked and I have the same issue. folders are at top, at least, but neither folders nor files are sorted in a predictable manner. perhaps there's some method, but it's not useful for me. I'm sure this is still in the list of things to fix, just wanted to let you know you're not alone.

  • @ronji thanks! That's good (and bad) to know... the problem is not the worst, I guess. Audioshare works fine and I use iFunbox to drag stuff in there...

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