Batch assign sounds to bank pads

Say I have a folder of sounds that I am downloading from Dropbox, etc... It seems I have to drag each sound one at a time to each pad. Be great if I could drop the folder on the pad bank and DB automagically spread the sounds one to a pad...even across pages. This way, if i have a set of sounds I know I want to use in a bank, I could just drop 'em in.

Or maybe if the sounds are not already collected in a folder, that I could select multiple sounds individually and drag/drop the set to the bank.


  • Check this link- I believe it's what your looking for.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Dragging to the pads isn't too bad. You get the choice of placing them in the right slot, for example kick on the lower left and hats on the right etc. A batch import would just import everything alphabetically.
  • @LucidMusicInc ...this is true. My workflow I guess is not so organized... i just want the sounds in QUICK then BANG BANG BANG!

  • Hey guys!

    Dropping a folder, or a multi-selection of files onto the pads would be a nice addition for sure.
    It's in our backlog :-)


  • @jonplife ...yes AWESOME if I was still using BM2...well, I am but, I was wondering about this process in BM3. Intua needs to separate the BM2 and BM3 stuff into separate forums... but thanks for the info. I'll give it a try for BM2

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