Occasional Sound Crackling

edited July 2017 in Support

Hi, is anyone else getting occasional sound crackling/distortion/static type noise when playing samples plugins? It only lasts a few seconds,then seems to go, usually for the rest of my session.

I'm on a iPad Pro 10.5 with the latest IOS. Just wondering if it's a problem with my iPad or a bug. I haven't noticed it in other apps that I can recall. Thanks!


  • What buffer size are you using in BM3?
    (It does sound like the CPU is really pushing it).

  • I'm using 256. But it's happened when just playing with a couple of samples and the CPU is way under 1/4 use. Even with lots of samples and plugins, it doesn't seem to ever go over 50% use, but jumps up and down a bit. So yeah I'm not sure really...

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