BM3 How to tag samples?

I know it's possible, but I can't figure out how to tag samples in BM3.

(As a side note/rant, why is the manual so... light? This is a frustrating trend to me wth software in general... the let them figure it out approach... idk... is it a cots cutting thing? I can't figure out why an app this complex has such a skinny manual!)


  • The only tagging I have seen is categories/sub categories, not sure you can add you're own categories or sub categories because it doesn't work anyway right now.

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    It seems only possible currently in Edit mode of Sample /Banks Browser , with options appearing at bottom of page .
    There is a Feature Request in FR subforums to add this to Folders Edit mode , or on Import.

  • Ok, I see...

    So, we are limited to
    1. pre-defined category tags (yuck).
    2. only in Library Mode (magnifying glass icon), not in file browser (folder icon).

    2 really stinks, because I have kicks, snares, etc organized into separate folders when I import...would be great to open the folder in file browser and quickly tag those already grouped files. Hopefully soon.

    thanks @WallyBlo, @5pinlink

  • why is that font so huge?? :D I guess the pound sign mean "big, bold"...

  • Yeah the browser needs a ton of tweaks, but the UI/X is in place at least :)
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