'Moving' folders, in the browser

Moving folders in File Browser only deletes the files from their original location, leaving the original folders still in place.


  • +1 The 'left over' empty folder is kinda annoying.

  • It's a refresh issue. Go out of the folder and then go back in. The folder will be gone.
  • Can't confirm this, is this still an issue @OscarSouth @samu ?

  • Still an issue, was dealing with it yesterday when moving some samples I'd recorded in.
  • It's working fine for me in BM3 3.0.2 no left-over folders.
    (Air 2, iOS10.3.3)

  • edited August 2017
    @samu I'm getting it big time on both Mini4 & Air2.

    Process is this:
    1. Send zipped file from AudioShare, automatically extracted in BM3
    2. File now has two layers of folder before the samples, so I choose the second layer and click move on the folder, drop it on the root directory (one level up) to overwrite that folder (which it does fine).

    Now, inside the folder are the samples and additionally the second folder will be present, empty, and require an additional deletion action. Tested this morning on Mini4 & Air2, 10.3.3.
  • Pretty Strange?!

    For the most part I use the iCloud Drive option in BM3 to import content (both files and folders) directly from AudioShare. This reduces the extra step of having to zip everything.
    (If AudioShare is not available in the Locations menu, press edit and enable it).

    It could the that BM3 creates the extra folder on extraction since it doesn't check in advance if the zip file contains a folder. I usually move everything out from the 'Imports' folder and then delete everything that is left there.

    The initial question was if there were empty folders after moving folders and to that I say I've got no empty folders left after moving a folder. The 'zip extraction residue' is another issue.

  • Yeah, I can live with the folder structure behavior when importing a zip file (it's what I'd expect if I was unzipping on Windows anyway). It's the empty folder remaining in it's previous location after being moved that I see as the issue, even though the folder itself and the samples inside it have been moved to a different location.

    Never used iCloud drive, I'll have a look at it.

  • I tried this, got the same behaviour, however, go up one and then back in to the root folder and the folder is gone, so it is a refresh issue here
    AIR 2 IOS latest non beta
    Can you check if it is a refresh issue similar @OscarSouth ?
    I will then put it in the list as either fail to delete or not refreshing.

  • Just tested again. Moved around a bunch in the folder directories and closed and opened the app; folder remained.

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