Fast scroll in browser

Being able to scroll rapidly in the sample browser through e.g. my list of a million snare samples would be a great workflow improvement - for example using the "alphabetic scrollbar" used in many apps.


  • +1 file browser improvements
  • I hope this small (easy to implement?) workflow improvement is being considered!

  • Very good suggestion indeed.
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  • While i generally agree with this 100%
    The browser definitely needs a lot of improvements for fast browsing.
    Users do have to take some responsibility and start to use the extended features that BM3s file system allows, the ability to have many sub folders and to organise your samples is very very good (Again, i am not disagreeing, the browser needs some updates for big lists for sure)
    But i have seen some users put all their snares in one huge folder, that would be a complete nightmare to navigate in the best browser ever designed.
    Sub folders for genre or type or even content provider/sample pack will go a long way to helping here.

    I think Intua sort of expected people to use the tagging for this sort of stuff, but even then faster browsing for long lists would be needed too.
    Personally i prefer sub folder structuring to tagging, but thats my personal preference.

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    Maybe two finger swipe in browser could scroll in 10s + 3 finger swipe could scroll in 100s? Or something... (in addition to alphabetical scroll bar.. which is a +1 ;)
  • @triton100
    I organise samples in sub folders, so...

    5pin/xxx collection/types
    Types will be sub folders like..

    On and on, this makes it very easy for me to find anything, its an old habbit from over many years of creating content for myself and others.
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  • The file browser is bigger, the database browser has more stuff in the UI as regards the samples, but there is no search in the documents browser.

    Personally i would prefer if the database and tagging were a pref you could turn off, file browser is all i ever want, fole name and foldering is much better housekeeping.

    Same as save with samples, you just end up with samples all over the place.
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