Weird cpu results comparing ipads

Running the same project in ipad Mini2 vs 2017 9.7" ipad... The cpu meter is getting more of a hit on the 2017 and more erratic than on the mini2?? Thought it would be a pretty clear improvement in the opposite direction, but from quick tests the new ipad seems less tuned for BM3 processes or something? Only tested very quickly using the summer drums bank. Will do some proper comparison over wknd with timestreched sample polyphony etc..


  • Did quick comparison with a timestreched polyphonic sample. The new ipad not a huge improvement tbh.. Still starts glitching out pretty easily. At 1024 latency = approx15 voices. 256 samples = approx 12 voices. Using a 3sec 16bit sample recorded in to ipad mic. And weirdly the cpu seems to spike hard in to the red when the sequenced voices/notes finish. Rather than during them playing...

    Wonder what kind of improvement could be expected if I used an external interface? Was planning on one of those small behringer phono input ones but....

    The bigger memory for sample library and bigger screen for ui are both enough to make me not regret the upgrade. But a little disappointed that the increased performance doesnt seem very impressive so far.
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