Multiple banks > one macro

edited July 2017 in Feature Requests
Has anyone with a less muddied imagination than mine figured out how to assign parameters from different banks to one macro? Would love to see this for octatrack style 'scene fader' weirdness.. Especially if intua add a sample speed parameter, going from backwards to forwards with 'stop' as centre ;)


  • Hey @Heyez

    We'll bring global macros in an update! It was in the beta at some point, even.


  • Thanks @mathieugarcia
    Sounds killer :) Keeps putting a smile on my face with how many feature requests are being met with 'Yeah, we're already on top of that one ;)'. Refreshing to see a dev that's so transparent and as excited/motivated to push the limits as the users are :)
  • I'm looking forwards to the improvements when it comes to modulations.
    Being able to share 'modulators' between layers & samples within a pad will be a real boon :)

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