Audio Track : how to record from AU ?

I am trying to use BM3 like a traditional DAW and want to record audio track with AU as a source
For example, Sunrizer loaded as a instrument and record the audio straight into the audio track with other FX still applied to the audio track as it's being recorded and saved wet.
Anybody can explain how this can be done ? The audio track section in the document doesn't explain this. I was hoping there would be a audio source IN as AU instrument in addition to hardware mic and Pad input


  • Haven't actually tried this, but should work
    Go to the mixer, click on I/O button bottom right
    On the input for the audio track select internal/whatever bank/pad the au is on
    Now your input should be from the AU output ;)

  • That didn't work or maybe I didn't understand it correctly
    I go to the mixer and the IO options just bring up the same options of internal pad or hardware input. Internal pad doesn't let me choose AU as an option anywhere.

  • Choose the pad that the AU is on, it wont list the AU itself.
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    It will actually list the AU and pad number. See the sequence below and be sure to tap the bank pad icon (it will show each pad), not the bank name (it will select entire bank).

  • Wow thanks .. got it now
    But this seems convoluted now... a Audio track doesn't live by itself but is tied to a single pad of a bank and hence that pad and bank has to be setup first before audio track can be recorded

    Appreciate the tips!
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