Has anybody actually found audio tracks usable ?



  • @LucidMusicInc said:
    I'm certainly not arguing that editing start points in the song editor isn't a desirable feature. But to say that the audio tracks are unusable is a bit of hyperbole. I'm just trying to put it out there for people reading these threads that you can get the result you want with it already.

    No you are trying to create hyperbole by picking one particular piece of a post, and then just concentrating on that to make out that it is user workflow, you completely ignored the fact that Livestretch is broken and that slicing with scissors is a poor way to work without a pre placed marker, you also ignored the fact that even if you edit in the sample editor, the start and end points and selection points are completely borked right now for a lot of people, that is not hyperbole, it is reported and confirmed by other users.
    So lets recap on this hyperbole shall we, as posted in the very first post.

    1 Live stretch doesn't actually work
    2 You can change an audio items end point, but not its start point, and even then it is going to take ten times trying to edit the end point while the arranger scrolls back and forth (Same issues as selections in the audio editor)
    3 Trying to make an accurate split with the scissors is a complete mess

    1 You ignored
    2 You suggested the sample editor, as in the original post i already stated that there are selection issues, even in the sample editor, and yes i know about zooming, it does not fix the impossible selection catch areas (I have tried with finger/pencil/pen) for some people, but that does not negate the fact that setting the start point in the timeline is a whole **** ton better workflow (Usability, the thrust of the thread) than, double click a file, open in sample editor, set markers, close sample editor, oh crap made a mistake, double click, open in sample editor, make changes, so now i have done all that, i have gone in to my sample editor, i have made my accurate start and end points, i go back out to my timeline, oh man, i have to adjust the end point of my item, because the end point in the sample editor is not the end point of the item, but wait, the start point in the sample editor is the start point of the item, inconsistency = Bad UX.
    3 Is not even arguable, if you do you would look silly, it is that simple, dropping splits like that isn't even done with a mouse, and a mouse is a whole shedload more accurate and faster than touchscreen, single pointer, single hit point VS 6 billion different finger sizes and what all else of a touch screen, the only accurate way to create splits, is have a movable marker (Or edit cursor in Reaper parlance) and then once that is placed accurately, create the split, of course you can workaround this by editing the item after the fact, but then you are revisiting 2 a lot.
    Even the developers at Intua know this to be the case, that is why in slice mode in the sample editor (Which you can't access from the timeline, before anybody tries that) allows you to accurately place your slice markers and delete and move them and all sorts.

    So far from me trying to create Hyperbole, i would suggest people who are saying that this IS usable are creating hyperbole, it is inconsistent with the tool set that is available elsewhere in BM3, which makes it bad UX and unusable, creating excuse y saying things like, just use the sampler instead, is not only a silly remark, but it helps nothing at all when trying to push the platform forward, we are talking about some small fixes here for a fast usable workflow, i am not talking about beating up your dog every time i slice a sample.

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    @vincent said:
    @5pinlink You don't have to trim the sample to edit the start point.
    I admit it's not clear enough, but audio patterns are just containers with a length.
    Inside you have a sample, with start and end points you can change in the "EDIT SAMPLE" tab.
    If you simply change these bounds, it will change in your pattern

    We'll try to clarify all this in the interface.

    1 Is a bug, i will do a separate BR video, so you can see the issue (Don't worry, i keep all BR videos unlisted, publicity/hyperbole is not the point as some would suggest)
    2 Just needs consistency in the workflow, i can see the power in the container for sure, however, adjusting the containers start and end point in the timeline should be consistent, and will be expected behaviour for a lot of users, the container itself could easily contain multi tracked audio ala comps and such, i do see the power in the container, but the container needs to have that editing consistency on the timeline.
    3 Would be negated entirely if 2 was fixed, quick inaccurate slice with scissors, adjust start end point manually, but an edit cursor is the preferred method for accuracy.

  • The scissor tool splits according to the quantisation. If you have it set to bar it splits on the bar. If it's set to eighth note it splits on the eighth note. If you want to zoom in close you use the selector, select, then zoom and voila works perfectly. If you need to split even more accurately set quantisation off then select again then zoom again and then split. All you are doing is making multiple pattern/clips of the same audio. If you actually want to split a file the next logical step is to enter the sample editor and trim it . I get what you're saying, but you're not getting what I'm saying. You don't need to pinch to zoom in, use the selector and then zoom in. Anyway I'm not the developer so nothing I think has any consequential relevance, so to sum up good day and happy beatmaking.
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    I never said you NEED to pinch to zoom, i said pinching to zooming was terrible and should be optional, IE let me turn it off and just give me the + -, i also said that the + - are great but we need them vertically in the song mode too.
    I do split with snap off (It is snap though for the record, not quantize) and it is still not accurate, a finger on a touch pad can never be sample accurate, a mouse cant even be accurate, and a mouse is way and beyond more accurate and faster than a touch screen, your idea of works perfectly is vastly different to anybody who works in this industry editing audio, trust me on that, or are you suggesting that because it is Beatmaker or on IOS, that how it is will do, because this stuff shouldn't be used by people for actual work ?

    I know you can go to the sample editor
    I know you can zoom using the - +
    I know you can split without snap on

    Hopefully you understand that i get what you are saying, but it still doesn't mean it is right or even a good way to work, maybe perfect for YOU, but for accuracy it is a mess, not only, but that it is inconsistent with other areas of Beatmaker which is bad UX, but again, is that OK because it is Beatmaker or because it is on IOS and we should just put up with bad design ?

    Your whole attitude of "Do it this way, I say it is fine" is a little ridiculous to be honest, shall we reinvent the wheel and give it 8 sides instead of making it round, because for that guy that never drives his car and leaves it parked up to look at, it works fine.
    Everything i have suggested is tried tested and standard in most packages, I even showed one at the end of the video to show how standardised a lot of this stuff is.

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