Warp markers

Ableton style. Would be next level...


  • Would be completely impractical until the developers work out a better way to edit audio.
    Warp markers rely on being placed accurately to work well, go to BM3 and try and split somewhere accurately with the scissors, now you can see for yourself why warp markers would never work in the current editing system.
    See this post, for an example of how accurate editing and marker dropping can (Not saying should, somebody may have an even better idea) be done.

  • @5pinlink yeah I get your angle. But I'm having reasonable success with manual slicing and it shouldn't be much different with Warp markers?

    Also, when transient slicing is added that'll make things way less fiddly. And is something that could be used for Warp makers too..
  • wait, so you are able to use the scissors on the timeline and actually slice at the start of a transient ?
    can you tell me how you are doing it, because i am finding it impossible, even super zoomed in i slice and it is not perfectly accurate, and then of course i cant change the start of the item, so cant even fix the in accuracy.
    I must be missing some setting, any help will be mucho appreciated :)

  • @5pinlink Haha, wires crossed like in our other current conversation, I'm not talking about on the song arranger ;) I mean in pad/sample edit page ;)
  • Aaaah OK, so yeah, the sample editor actually allows you to move a selection before slicing hahaha (Albeit a complete PITA to actually get the selection to move, eventually it does haha)

  • Merge thread..

    @dubbylabby said:
    It's possible transient detection and flex audio? Can we keep this topic to add update info...?

    Thanks dudes!

  • edited September 2017

    Merge thread..

    @The_Bro said:
    Can cutting up breaks Ableton stylee in BM3 be achieved I'm wondering???

    Was clarified that warp markers was the request.

  • Yes warp markers for Audio, includding timeline or whatever approach which gives the user a chance to warp an entire song.

    Thanks a lot @5pinlink !

  • Any news on this @mathieugarcia? With the new awesome transient detection in the latest update, this would make a great companion.

    This is one of the few things that's keeping me in Auria land or desktop in general.

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