'Fill' function

A 'fill' button down the left hand side.

Press this button when adding/recording notes. Then those notes that were added are silent during normal playback unless 'fill' is pressed. Great performance/variation tool. Especially if the fill button is available as a modulation destination and has automaton functionality ;)

I never used an Elektron rytm but this kind of feature on it always looked fun/useful.

Could maybe also have it something like (during playback) -
Normal hold of 'fill' button activates all fill notes across all banks'/tracks' pattern.
Double-tap>hold button activates fill notes on current bank/track pattern.
Triple tap =latch.

Or something ;)


  • Love the 'Fill' button on my Alesis SR16! Got a lot of performance versatility with just 2 buttons, one for start/stop and one for tap tempo/fill
  • edited July 2017
    :) Yeah it's a feature I've always wished at least one of my samplers had..
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