One knob to control it all: Midi map the finger

A lot of request from me, but I really see potential in BM3!

Something that would make sense on a touch screen device and would reduce the amount of midi mapping knobs to only one is to be able to control the parameter where your finger is touching. One knob that can control everything. You get the best of both touch screen and tactile knobs; Speed of just pointing your finger at whatever needs to be adjusted and the feeling and precision of fine tuning with a physical knob. Similar to the jog wheel on the MPC Live where you select a parameter with your finger on the touch screen and adjust it with the knob/job wheel. I would say thats the only revolutionary thing Akai came up with on the Live.


  • Not really revolutionary from Akai either, Audient been doing it on their audio interfaces for a few years, anything you mouse over the dial controls.
    There was also a one dial MIDI controller that did it too.

    Honestly it is just a mouswheel when you think about it ;)
    Build a bluetooth mouse support in to BM3, i have £100 here to start the kickstarter @mathieugarcia
  • Definitely one of the best requests imo.

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    5pinlink: Ah cool! Too bad (and weird to be honest) none of the companys who make midi controllers have made one for ipad yet!

    I would def. pay some extra for that function i BM3!

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