Modulation assignment flexibility

So far it seems that only native FX can be modulation destinations. It would be really nice to have AU/Audiobus support modulation routing. I have also been unable to find a way to assign modulation sources to any of the bank FX on the FX page. The latter seems like a bit of an omission, as these are also native FX.

I hope you guys can find a way to also work with the guys from FabFilter to bring their iOS plugins to this DAW, as one of your competitors has.

Finally, a small ask: can you make a PDF available that compiles all of the manuals on your support page in one single file?

This is an awesome sampler/DAW, that stacks up nicely against the MPC live. Big shout out to you guys!


  • Hey @liquid_air !

    We have a bunch of nice improvements coming for the modulation system. Right now modulations are limited to the layers parameters.


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