Trim silence for selection in sample editor

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A low priority, but very useful addition to the sample editor would be a processing function that removes silence from the beginning and end of the selected area. This would be nice for quickly reducing the size of samples.


  • Hey @number37

    If I understand correctly, you want automatic silence trimming?


  • edited July 2017

    Yes, from the start and end of the sample.

    It's very typical to have a long silence in a sample at the end because one always wants the sound to ring out fully. Trimming this reduces the size, and more importantly, makes reverse work properly, but it's a somewhat laborious process.

    Silence at the beginning can be from wait-time to starting playing. You do a very nice job of reducing that with the threshold parameter, but might as well include trimming from the beginning as well. It is super useful for imported samples to get the start point right.

    Thanks for listening!

  • Without wanting to make anybody ill, i would respectfully suggest that you always check the sample start point manually of any sample you have recorded, while a process can remove silence easy enough, checking if the start point is in the right place is a job for a human, respectfully of course.

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