Favourites/Quick select

Down the left side could be a 'favourites/quick switch' button. Press this and a column of 8 or 16 small numbered buttons appesrs.

You can assign any page within BM3 to any of these shortcut buttons to save/recall. For instance 'Bank A, Pad 7, keyboard' or 'Bank G, Pad 12, modulations'.

This kind of page shortcuts assignment/instant recall system would be super powerful for creating performance/workflow templates...


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    Why not put them in the pad screen, so in the column below keys/scene/select/mute/solo add views, instant 16/64 pads of views.
    It is one extra click on the screen, however, pads are already MIDI capable, so you could have a generic button MIDI controller that switched your views via the Views pads ;)

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    Yeh it could go there, but for me personally it'd make more sense to be always available with one click from anywhere in bm3 for convenience/performance speed and maximising their value etc.. An extra click isn't too bad a big deal when composing/sequencing etc but can make things way more stressful during shows if you're playing more than one box/instrument/vocals at once ;)

    Yeah if using a controller with a bunch of buttons/pads I guess you could probably map the individual favourites to buttons (giving you something resembling the novation Mininova's favourites accessibility).

    The location you propose could be a good place for bank/pad patch favourites tho.. Like switching the sample or layer or sample parameter settings...
  • Personally i completely disagree, but then i am sweaty when i play live, and there is no way in hell i am relying on touch screen, they are garbage in sweaty venues, everything on buttons ;)

  • So if you have a choice of something being available via one or two clicks, you prefer the two clicks option? That makes no sense to me but fair enough ;)

    Also, performance features aren't only about sweaty shows ;) When resampling is unrestricted it will also be of benefit for things to be as quickly accessible as possible when resampling during creative jams at home/sofa/flight/on the road etc, either on BM3 by itself or with other boxes going simultaneously... People won't always have their controllers hooked up ;)
  • But you didn't say performance features, you said during shows ?
    And no i always prefer one click if possible obviously ??
    The idea i had was to allow quick MIDI mapping of views for shows.
    Nevermind, your idea is better

  • Lol, wasn't totally knocking your idea...Just saying for me it veered off on a tangent that seemed to hinder the whole idea of 'shortcuts' ;) Especially when using BM3 minus controller..
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