Shortcut to 'switch to current plugin'

From many places inside BM3 it takes 3 scattered clicks to open a plugin IAA synth UI like Animoog etc.

Wondering if the same button/command that exists above the BM3 plugin keyboard (the plugin's icon) and inside the BM3 plugin tab (the plugin's icon) could be added to the left hand column so it's always instantly accessible to switch to open the current pat's plugin UI instantly?

I might not have thought this through tho, maybe not a feasible suggestion ;)


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    The small piano key icon bellow the pads goes directly to the Plug-in UI if a pad has a plug-in loaded.
    The Plug-In keyboard can be used to play both IAA and AUv3 instruments.
    (If you really, I mean really need to have the IAA apps 'interface' for playing it's another tap away, so maximum 2 taps from the pad to to get to the IAA app).

  • The keys icon under pads doesn't take me to plugin UI? It just takes me to the BM3 keys, from there i then need to hit the plugin icon above the keys.. 3 clicks if I've come from TE song arranger page etc..

    It's not a dealbreaker. Just a bit tedious when switching between sequencing > tweaking plugin synth parameters > tweaking BM3 macros and so on..

    Seems like there's plenty of space in that left column and both 'keys' and 'open external plugin ui' would benefit from being accessible at any moment via their own icons in that column? Maybe intua have more interesting or efficient plans for shortcuts to add in that column tho.
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