Sample Bank Management

edited July 2017 in Feature Requests

Facilitate bank sample management to allow users to more easily organize their samples and banks in meaningful ways and to minimize lost work. Similar functionality could be added for projects to manage the banks and samples they depend on.

During the process of creating banks with samples in BM3, the user can import or record samples, create slices and end up with banks whose sample names which appear on the pads aren't very informative. You can also end up with intermediate samples you'll not want to save. Over time users may forget the process they used to create samples and banks nor remember which samples they used. Users will also want to organize their samples and banks including these actions: move, rename, copy, delete, export, backup, sync, and share.

  1. LINK USED SAMPLES Could the app have an option where BM3 links changes to samples used in banks so that when the user organizes their samples, the banks which use those samples will reflect those changes?
  2. SAMPLE USAGE displays which banks use a sample. This could be done at folder and project levels too. This could, for example, take the form of folders or samples which are being used having a different color. The user could then click on the folder or sample to bring up a display of where the sample is being used.
  3. BANK USAGE banks with samples, AU, IAA or combinations of the above could be differentiated from each other by color. The user could then click on the bank to get detailed information about the samples and plugins used in the bank.
  4. WARN SAMPLE IN BANK(S) as an option to warn the user who issues a command to delete samples that are being used. BM3 would list the samples and the banks where they're used.
  5. BLOCK DELETION an option to set BM3 so that samples used in banks could not be deleted.
  6. BROKEN BANKS There could also be the option to search for and identify banks with broken sample links.
  7. SELECT USED SAMPLES an option to select samples used in banks or vice versa which can then be used to initiate actions such as move, delete, share, . . . This could work at folder or individual sample levels.
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