Relative midi

I wish it was possible to choose between absolute and relative midi.
This would make it possible to use endless rotary encoders to increase and decrease the macros in relation to the current position. In opposite to absolute midi and regular potentiometers, with absolute position, where you have to turn the knob and find the the right position before you can adjust the macro position/value.


  • +1 Haven't tried a controller with BM3 yet but support for endless encoders functionality would be great.
  • Yeah, relative midi and NRPN / 14 bit midi would make it possible to fine adjust parameters with large adjustment range like start & end points. Insted of 0-127, you could jump between 0-16384!

  • Interesting, will investigate that...

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    NRPN is not needed for fine control FYI, all you need is two MIDI CC.
    Take as example the start end point example.
    You set one encoder to say CC 1, this would give you your rough control.
    Now you set a push button to say CC 2, now when you press CC 2, CC1 adjustments gives fine control.

    This also gives the 16384 levels of control, but is the preferred tried and tested method ala VST fine control key shortcut.

    Having 16384 values direct on one encoder just means you have to turn it a lot of times to get it to move, thats why fine control tends to be a toggle button.
  • You cant fine adjust with values between 0-127. Please explain in more detail because what you just said is one controll is 0-127 and the other is fine tune (0-16384).

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    If you have 0-16384 on a single encoder, on a 734 sample single cycle, you would have to turn the encoder 23 times for it to just move 1 sample, and that is just a single cycle sample.
    So that is not how course and fine control is normally set up.

    You have an encoder that is 0-127, this is your course control
    You have the same encoder that is still 0-127, but when you press a button, it is now the fine control
    So you have 128 course steps, then when you are in the ballpark you have 128 fine steps (Keep in mind that you don't just have 128 step, it is simple backend math that makes the course move one step along after the fine has reached 128, for an infinite fine control) this gives you the total of 16384 steps, but without having to turn the encoder a ridiculous amount of times to move it.

    To see an example of this, go and use a VST plugin, you will find that moving the dial normally gives you a course control, but you can hold a fine key (normally the 'shift' key) and this will give you the fine control, it is the exact same principal, and just makes life much easier.

    To make this even super slicker, you can also assign zoom to marker to the button, so you move the encoder at normal zoom, but when you press the button for fine control, the waveform zooms too, for fine adjustment, it is just as easy to set up as NRPN (Not saying that NRPN isn't needed for other stuff like synth control and such by the way) but is super duper slick, and doesn't require never ending turns of the encoder.

  • Allright, I understand :)

  • +1 for endless rotary knob support

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