Pad/Sampler/Arranger/Mixer icon column tweak

The column that contains these icons disappears when the browser is opened, it would be beneficial to me (Sorry) if it would move out and be on the right edge of the browser, I find myself constantly closing the browser to switch views between the arranger and sampler while i am dragging in samples to the sampler and audio tracks.


  • +1. This would be very helpful indeed.
  • I agree it would be beneficial to have access to the different views.

    I don't understand why switching these view buttons to the right rather than keeping them on the left would be preferred? Keeping the buttons on the left would maintain GUI consistency. At times it would be useful to be able to collapse the column of view buttons in order to provide maximum space for displaying what's in the browser column.

  • No preference personally. Left or right, as long as they're accessible it's all good ;)
  • Ditto!

  • Interesting idea for sure...!

  • Will take that as a no then lol
  • I forwarded this to our UI/UX/GFX designer ;-)

  • I was only kidding ;) (Sorry, british sense of humour)
  • For me personally, I think it's worth considering making the file browser full screen. I know it's intended for drag/drop but in the file browser there are all these columns and pages. Even worse in the database with the tags and the massively long list of samples. In my view BM2 and Beathawk took the right approach with the full screen sample/pack browser and it might be a good idea to reconsider this bit of UI...
  • @LucidMusicInc That sounds good to me!
  • I personally would be bummed if it was changed to 'only' fullscreen browsing. Be cool as an option tho.

    The current drag and drop is great for quickly assigning to a bunch of pads and throwing a load of layers on them, and being able to switch banks etc too.. Opening/closing browser over and over would feel like a big step backwards in workflow for me..
  • @Heyez I don't expect the secs to do any drastic UI changes on my behalf but What Im saying is with Bsathawk and BM2 that functionality exists in a full screen menu also.
  • Could maybe add a little 'expand' button on the browser window or something?
  • Also when the browser is open it would be cool if the play stop button was available. Sucks to close browser to stop or start playing to audition a sound. Bm2 got it right in so many ways. Especially the note editor window was awesome. That pop up window to do panning and tuning and all those other options was genius. I now struggle trying to do all that with those tiny little lines and having to select a little square just to go to another window just to move it. I know bm3 is not bm2 but it's still family. Bring some of those options back. It's frustrating having to do so much extra to just do one thing. pianonroll was my fav thing about bm2, bm3 is just clunky Overall I love it to death and haven't put it down yet.
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    How about a large overlay pop up for this view, scaled to size, similar to the app launch pop up? Of course, that would introduce the problem of drag and drop, so yes, like Heyez said, a button to switch the view type? Inset to the side for drag and drop, large centred overlay for housekeeping (sample, preset management etc) with a button to toggle the view?
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