Step Modulators do not sync

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Step modulators are out of sync, i was trying to put together a detuned 5th patch with a trancegate, i had 3 layers, each one had a step modulator with the exact same trancegate pattern on it, its nowhere near synced.


  • +1 It's a bloody nightmare...

    I'm 'abusing' the step-modulators in a different manner running them at 50-100hz controlling the volume/gain to 'switch' between of 3 layers with different wave-forms for some chip-tuney percussion sounds and on top of that 3 more step-modulators for controlling pitch of each layer.

    Needless to say I hope this issue will get 'sorted out' when we get pad-global modulators...

  • Can you send over a demo project? If the voices are starting exactly at the same time it should be in sync.


  • No they are miles out of sync, do you want me to post a project here of send it to somewhere specific ?

  • Here is fine, otherwise !


  • @mathieugarcia
    Just some other problem while i was making the project for you too, when you load a step modulator preset, the UI of the step modulator does not update, click on to another modulation source, then click straight back and the step modulator UI has updated to match the preset.
    Also when you press play on the song while it is playing, does not send a note off to the sampler, it carries on playing the last note until you hit stop.

    But unfortunately i think the step modulators going out of sync as in the video above will be a complete pain to track down, i have made three projects now and not one has gone out of sync, last night i could not get one to go in sync, as soon as i get a noodle that wont sync i will save it and send it, but i think it will be a tough one to track down.

  • @mathieugarcia
    Step modulators just seem to be flaky overall, as you can see in this gif, the step modulator is assigned to pitch and cutoff, but it is only actually modulating the pitch, not the cutoff, they seem to work sometimes and then don't other times, and stay in sync sometimes and other times don't.

  • When using multiple step-modulator the 'mono mode' seems to sometimes 'cancel' the other step-modulators present on the pad!? Regarding the timing I'll investigate further today since I had some pretty 'un expected' results when using multiple faster(50-100hz) step-modulators.

    The 'range' of the step-modulator 'steps' can be confusing at times too as there is no 'uni/bi-polar' switch for them.
    It's -1 to +1 or the 1/12 scale. So it could be that some 'values' wrap around at some point and that is what's causing the strange behaviour I've experienced when controlling gain with them...

  • Bumping this thread again, I've started investigating the issue, something is definitely fishy with MONO mode.
    Will keep you updated, thanks for the heads up.


  • Aaaah great stuff, glad you are making some progress on it, thought it would be a bugger to track down

  • Two bugs were fixed, they affected synchronization and MONO mode.
    Available in 3.0.2.


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    @mathieugarcia while you're on the step modulator, would it be possible to have it so double tap on a step sets it to centre/0? And even better would be an 'expand window' button.. It's almost impossible to do precise value/melodic stuff with the step chromatic grid the size that it is in the small window ;)
  • @Heyez : double tap to reset: done. Now, let me see if I can do something about that step editor size. @Samu also asked for that a while back :-)


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    "51, A scrolling indicator on the step modular to show what is playing.
    Just something small, like on the knobs.

    52, modulation page could go full screen like the edit page. So we can see more steps in the step mod, without them shrinking too much, and getting fiddly."

    Was using 32 steps last night, really needed to use 64, but micro.

    Even if for now the steps section could have a toggle to expand to the left, to cover the bottom third, until you find a more permanent solution.

    Cheers very much,


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