Elektron style 'ctr-all'

Last of my 'Elektronesque' requests ;)

This is kind of achievable already with macros, so I'd imagine it maybe wouldn't be beyond limits to add?

When 'ctr-all' is activated on Elektron's Digitakt then tweaks to a parameter are applied to all instances of that parameter across all tracks. A 'revert' option is obvs neccessary ;) Very fast way to mess with all tracks' filter, saturation, fx sends etc without setting up a ton of macros.

These Elektron style feature requests will probably be met by some with, 'just buy an Elektron box'.. I have a couple already and just think that if intua are in it for the long haul then these kind of features would make sense to at least be considered. To have this kind of depth in an ipad sampler/sequencer for sofa/flights (and legitimate live use) etc would be insane.. After the other stuff is all sorted these are the kind of big updates they could be looking toward to pull in new customers (or possibly even IAP) and totally expand BM3 in to a very competitive 'instrument' as well as the incredible sampler/daw it already is ;)
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