Touch issues (Fixed 3.0.3)

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I think this is only affecting some people and not others, i had thought it was just the terribly designed sample left and right markers (No i am not being impolite, go and try Modsteps sample markers, the sample screen is an eighth of the size in Modstep, they work every single time, smooth as butter)
It is actually in a lot of places all over BM3, i am hitting the browser button on average 4 times before it opens for example.
There are plenty of places where this happens, some of the dials are completely unusable, for instance some of the dials on the envelopes in the modulation tab, they are directly next to the bottom of the screen, so sliding up and down is not really an option,load an AHDSR and the DSR dials all have different rotating rates, just very strange behaviour on dials all round.
If it happened at all in other apps i would just assume it is my silly old fat fingers, but it only happens in BM3, every other app is slick as butter.


  • Hey @5pinlink

    There is a "lost touch" bug we're trying to isolate. It's spreading its havoc randomly.


  • Thank you @mathieugarcia Do you think that is also related to the dials rotating at different rates ?

  • I don't think so, each knob has a different "curve" regarding its parameter. I probably need to go through all of them again and adjust them.


  • Oh OK, personally i just want each knob to be smooth as each other, having DSR all having different rotation rates is strange to me, any chance we could get a preference tickbox for single type of dial rate.

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    Sample editor still horrible, thought it had changed, but after 5 minutes it is just as bad as was
    Browser button seems to be a lot better (will test more)
    Sustain dial is still at least twice as fast rotating as the A/H/D/R (Personally i prefer the way the Sustain dial feels, would make it optional)

  • Marking this as fixed with caveat that the dials are still trixxy in some places, but that has nothing to do with the dodgy touch bug that this thread was really about.

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