AU Replicant2 does not export.

I can hear it when I hit play in BM3 (and I love what I hear) but when I export it is not in the mix. :(


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    Confirmed here too. Steps to reproduce:

    1. Add an audio track, import a clip, and place it on the timeline.
    2. Add Replicant2 AUv3 as an audio effect. Test that the effect is heard.
    3. Export the song or track to 24bit wav.
    4. Play back the exported sample and effect is not heard.
    5. Repeat with a different AU, even from the same developer and the effect is heard in the exported file.
    6. Repeat with Replicant2 IAA version. The effect is not heard in the exported file.
    7. Repeat 2 and 6 for a clip loaded into a pad with the FX on the bank. Same result.
  • Here is some info the dev gave on the Audiobus Forum...

    @Chris_Randall said:

    @AudioGus said:
    AWww... when I export from BM3 Replicant2 doesn't effect the tracks... :(

    Heh. We used to see similar problems in the early days of AU hosting on desktops. The reason this sort of behavior occurs (and the problem is related to the one in Auria where the host isn't providing transport info to the plugin at all, or in AudioBus, which has no transport mechanism at all, despite being an AUv3 host) is that Apple's docs for making and hosting AUv3 are very thin, so the host makers have to sort of puzzle everything out, and it takes a while for methods to get codified.

    It's not going to be perfect out of the chute, is all I'm saying, as I'm sure any iOS musician is well aware. That's life on the bleeding edge.

    EDIT: Some clarification and inside baseball, if you're interested. The playhead information provided by the host needs to contain quite a few bits of info. These are, in no particular order, the time signature, tempo, play position in several different forms, a bunch of information about edit points, whether the transport is playing, recording, and looping, and some other things.

    On the plugin side, we can look at all the data the playhead is providing when it is playing, and some hosts provide more than others. We try to work out a best-case scenario from the data provided, and for the most part this works fine. But if the host skips a key piece of info and we can't work out where we are in a measure, then there's not much we can do about it. In Auria Pro's case, they're telling the plugin the tempo, but not any position info or whether the transport is playing. In AudioBus' case, they're passing through position info provided by whatever the input is, but they tell us the BPM is zero, no matter what else is going on. Since a lot of our internal math is play position divided by BPM (so we have a time-per-beat to figure out our loop lengths), well, anyone that has taken Computers 101 knows you can't divide by zero. Computers really don't like this. I had to add a dummy BPM just for AudioBus so instancing it would only not work, and not cause your iPad to lock up.

    Stuff like that. It's no big deal, and this sort of thing has a way of working itself out fairly quickly, but that's where we're at right now.

  • Can somebody confirm this on 3.0.2 so i can add it to the list.

  • Confirmed on 3.0.2

  • OK thanks, added.

  • sound like that could be it, i wouldnt mind exporting in realtime or be able to pipe main out into an audio track.
    workaround iam doing right now is recording in AUM, could probably do it in Audioshare also.

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