Exiting Keys page switches off sustain

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Sample on bank 1 pad 2.
Sequenced (with keys and sustain) in to song arranger.

RoughRider2 compressor in Master track fx bin.
Open RoughRider2 to adjust params.
Close RoughRider2.
Sustain automatically deactivated on the keyboard.

Repeated a few times and happens each time.

Edit - Happens in any situation when leaving Keys page. Vibe killer for sound design/live drone tweaking etc.


  • Is this with a sustain pedal ?

  • No, just the sustain button on screen. Haven't tried since recent updates tho.
  • @5pinlink I just went to check and Sustain is automatically switched off as soon as you leave the keys view. So adding fx, or tweaking existing fx is a no-go on drones etc without setting up macros in advance. Far from ideal for sound design workflow..

    And a related feature request - Need to be able to have keys + fx bin on screen simultaneously.
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    @5pinlink this isn't really related to AU. Just a heads up cos I saw it listed in the AU section in your bug list but it's more like a general bug with (exiting) the keys page.
  • I will leave it where it is for now, they will read this thread to get full details, i will just rename it

  • OK man. Has nowt to do with AU tho. Changed thread title.
  • I brought this up during beta testing in early June. Wish they would fix it.
  • Sustain will deactivate when leaving a benk page too, sometimes.
  • Keys page should get fixed by adding the sidebar to get from fx to macros to the sampler etc.
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