Bug - Mapping velocity to filter doesn't work

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Hey hey, so I'd like to use note velocity (played from a pad or keyboard controller) to control the low pass filter cutoff of a sample. For example, a high velocity note plays a sample with the filter open (bright), and a medium velocity note plays with the filter half open (partially muted).

It's possible to set up this modulation - and the modulation ratio options are awesome, by the way - but it glitches because the filter change happens too late. If you play a medium velocity note directly after a high velocity note, the filter stays open for a moment too long, hence an ugly click sound.

So I wanted to bring this to your attention in case you didn't know about it.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

A possible timeline for a fix? (Soon would be killer!)

Edited for clarity :)


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    PS I edited my original post because it was a bit long and rambling. I really hope a fix is incoming for this, because it would essentially turn BM3 and my iPad Air 2 into a killer sound module for my Nord Pad controller (through a Nord Drum 2) - the combo is pretty responsive when set to 64 samples - so, so close to greatness :)

    Also, this bug is much easier to replicate if you BYPASS the default note velocity to gain modulation (essentially making it "fixed level")

  • Gonna check this out, thanks for the detailed report!

  • Okay, awesome, thanks :)
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