Audio track not recording

Couple of times I've pressed record and afterwards there's no wav. Disabling and re-enabling the audio track's 'armed for recording' or restarting bm3 seemed to fix. Would be a bummer if it happened and you missed the perfect take tho.


  • +1. I'm lucky if I get audio recorded into the song sequencer. Most times it doesn't record at all and I'm left with a silent track. However, there is no problem recording into the sampler.

  • Yup.. Same story here, sampler is fine.

    Merging audio clips in sequencer also results in a silent wav.

    Hopefully not to difficult to fix in an update.
  • Surprised that a bug for such a vital function isn't getting more forum concern. Is it just us?

  • I've found that you have to load whichever app you're trying to record into a bank's pad via the plug in and then route your blank audio tracks I/O to "internal" and choose the bank with the desired plugin/app.

  • I'm having trouble recording vocals or playing my op1 via my Line6 Sonicport VX. Sometimes it works but most times it does not.

  • +1, intermittently i'll (a) have hit record, track is red, but when i stop recording have nothing or (b) arm the track to record, hit record, the track doesn't turn red.

    turning beatmaker3 off and on again (kill, restart) rectifies the problem but that's a PITA when my plugins sometimes fail to load on reboot (in fact gadget always seems to fail =\ )

    glad i'm not the only one and hopefully it can be addressed despite being intermittent

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    I had this the other day with the sampler too... I think in my case it was related to IAA fx plugins on the bank that were getting a little wonky and needed a reboot.

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