Things going crazy..

Had this a couple of times in a couple of projects. Things suddenly go kind of crazy/hectic. Like suddenly there are lots of additional notes playing and sounds like the timeline is running at a quicker tempo. Seemed to fix itself the first time but I just had to exit bm3 the most recent time. The most recent time was using isem. I forgot exactly what was in use the time before. Think it was just a bunch of drum sample one shots on pads.


  • I have had these spontaneous Zappa improv moments happen too.

  • Haha yeah 'spontaneous Zappa improv' pretty much nails it. Hopefully Intua can track it down and fix..
  • Was that during a Link session with another app?

  • Nah just internal the first time and only isem loaded as AU the second time... no midi or link...
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    Just happened again in another project.. Think I'm gonna have to just use BM3 for sampler/sound design stuff until things are a little more ironed out...

    Getting a lot of little weird issues whenever I try and do anything approaching complex with the sequencer and plugins and automation etc..

    That random Zappa improv bug. IAA fx plugins sometimes work, sometimes don't. Sometimes audio tracks record incoming audio, sometimes they don't. Sometimes the record button will stop working and I'm unable to record anything to sequencer at all. Getting hang notes in isem (is there a midi panic button somewhere I can use when this happens?)..

    Bit of a vibe killer when trying to do anything complex with the sequencer. Hopefully it's all stuff that can be pinned down and squashed :)
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