Note mapping - slice to pads

If I use the autoslice feature of BM3 and then let it automatically spread the slices across the pads - every pad has the same midi note assigned (C3).

Is there a setting I just didn't see - or is it just not working how I would expect it?
Because now I would have to manually change every pad to a different note - so that I can trigger the pads individually from a midi keyboard/midi drumpad. (super annoying)

Can I make BM3 to do this automatically?


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    BeatMaker can do that by using SLICE TO SINGLE LAYER or MULTIPLE LAYERS.
    The slices will remain on that pad, but they will be spread in several key-groups onto the mapping.

    Using "Focus Actions" in the settings, you can also configure any of your MIDI devices to trigger pads, instead of trying to match their base key.


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    @mathieugarcia @vincent when mapping notes it would be much faster to just type or tap the root, low high notes in rather than dragging. With Novation Lanchpad and Blocswave there's a nice circular type of pop up menu to choose the key. This is the way to go I believe for setting note values.
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