My first sequenced track of any kind ever

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Hey, guys! Until I downloaded Beatmaker I had never done any sampling/sequencing of any kind ever so this is my very first creation and it's kinda different.

My wife and I are adopting a 16-month-old boy from Korea. We're flying to Korea to get him on Tuesday. Our US caseworker went over a few weeks ago and took some video of him happily babbling and squealing away. I made a bunch of samples of her comments, his noises and his foster mother's talking (in Korean) and put it all together into this:

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<!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D --> Whadya think?

I'm currently working on my next creation which is more musical and less novelty.

BTW, are there any good free desktop PC sequencing programs out there? This is getting kind of addictive.


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    Uhm... if you want honesty.. it doesn't do a thing for me.. it's samples and/or cut up samples of people talking, baby, etc. So.. it's not like anything I'd expect.. musically.. like with bass, beats, etc. But, I understand what you are doing here.. soon to be parent of adopted baby.. happy.. want to share some sounds of it.. that's kewl. What I take from this tho is it just shows you can do more than just make beats/bass/loops with it.
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    Garage Ban on the Mac is pretty good. Audacity is free and runs on mac/windows and I think Linux.. its a sound editor tho... but its free. You can also buy a Future Music magazine for about $15 (US), and you'll get several free Lite verions of software for making music. Reactor was the one I got this month.. although I use Ableton Live 7 and Reason 4 for my stuff, and SoundForge for audio editing. Audacity is comparable to SoundForge.. similar to how Gimp is a great free fully features Photoshop like app that offers some powerful features. Band-in-a-box used to be a full features cheap/free app.. not sure if its still around. I didn't care for it much tho. If you want to check out some kewl not-so-free software.. Melodyne on youtube is pretty kewl to see... pitch correcting software that does wonders to vocals.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I do have audacity and I used it to grab the samples from the video for this track. I was thinking more of a program with a similar layout to beatmaker though - sample pads, visual sequence type deal, etc.. I really like the beatmaker layout and it's about to get a whole lot better with 1.3. So far I haven't heard anyone really raving about any free sequencing programs so I just might save up for Reason. I've read some "Reason or Ableton" type discussions on other boards and whatnot and it seems like it might be more suited to me.

    Regarding the track: Thanks for the feedback. You say it doesn't have beats but it does! The main repeating pattern has a beat that is created by vocals plus some random noise that was picked up. Like I said though, I do realize that it's a novelty track and I mainly made it to figure out how to use beatmaker and to make my wife smile. I accomplished both goals! Like I said - the track that I'm currently working on is actually musical and not a novelty track like that one. I'll post it when I'm done. I will have lots of time to work on it during the flight to Korea this week!
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