Iphone 3G 2.2 update and BeatMaker

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Hey all,

Just plugged my iphone in and it had a new update.. before I installed it I went online to see what it adds. Turns out there are lots of posts saying audio apps are having problems. Has anyone updated and ran beatmaker to see if it works... it's the only audio app I care about on my phone.

And when the heck is the 1.3 coming out? I read 5 days ago that it was submitted and would be any day. My guess is with the new iphone update 2.2, they held off or something. If there are audio problems.. that may be another reason why.. but dang it.. I want to see what all the "many other features" are already! I am praying to god they gave us more than 16 sounds. Yes, the pitch/pan is awesome feature.. but 16 sounds is still very very limiting. Hoping they allow us to load up to 128 sounds and scroll thru the pads, or page through them when making sequences.. that along with 4 bars and pitch/pan features would make this an absolute God send.


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    Yeah I read about the core audio issues with the 2.2 update. I generally try to avoid getting the updates for a week or two so people can work out the kinks. It wouldn't surprise me if Intua had to go back and fix code because of it. An article I was reading was saying that developers were the ones who needed to fix their apps to accommodate for the update. Lets hope things get straightened out.
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    Hey..you know what.. if the audio changes allow for better audio.. such as faster processing, better quality, etc.. I am all for waiting another week or two for this update. If it's going to benefit beatmakers end result.. hell ya. Wonder if they can do 32-bit summing and dithering internally fast enough.. You know..I don't even know how much polyphony BeatMaker supports.. can it play all 16 pads at once?
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    I updated and have had no issues with Beatmaker.
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