Beatmaker 3 and KMI QuNeo midi mapping


I am trying to set up BM 3 with my Keith McMillen QuNeo USB Midi Controller via a Focusrite iTrack dock.

Is there a way to control the Mixer view with midi, so that I can use the QuNeo to control audiochannels, Fxs etc. like a mixer?

I have found the Focus Actions Editor for midi, but would like to control more parameters.
KMI had a template for BM 2, but I have not found a way to try this in BM 3.


  • To control mixer (fader) you have to use maccro

  • Thanks for the reply.
    Can you give me a walkthrough?

  • In the sampler view
    Double tap on the control you want to assign a maccro

  • You can automate plenty, but you have to activate each bank first, so you can work the faders on the mixer screen, but only one at a time. Needs work.
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