Spectrum analyzer with chromatic marks

The most powerfull tool I found in Ableton, when I'am sampling, is the spectrum analyzer. Theres an option to show the chromatic scale through the frequencies. Its veeeeery helpfull to fine tune my samples. Especially when sampling from my lite handytrax (not that stable motor hehe) or youtube (seems like 99% of the great stuff is recorded with a handytrax :D).
With a piano it's nemas problemas to pick out the root note of a sample, but after I tried out Ableton and found the spectrum analyzer, its fucking lightning fast. So fast I've fine tuned and "root noted" my whole sample library from the last year.

If there was a spectrum analyzer implemented in BM3, it would be so amazing! Maybe implement it in the EQ (filter 6)?

The grid represent the frequencies in the chromatic scale, instead of freq. number, and in the top you see the note names. The image is cramped down so it only shows the octaves. But in a large window it shows the grid with semitones.


  • Cool tip. We can hope. Always good to see a spectum analyser.
    Im going to see if I can root some samples using GooseEq or FF ProQ now.

  • Why wouldn't you just use a tuner which shows exact key and cents ?
    Not sure how a spectrum analyser could ever be seen as easier or faster ?

    That said @mathieugarcia has already said that the spectrum analyser is in place on the EQ, but is just not optimised or such yet, so not turned on.

  • Sounds the same. Maybe more accurate.
    What tuner do you use for iOS?

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    A tuner is most often monophonic. And if not, you cant see what is what. You cant run a sample with more then one instrument and get it right. If two notes are playing, it just picks the freq that peaks the most or none. A spectrum analyser shows the whole spectrum, all notes that in there. You could see the tuning of a kickdrum, the notes of a trumpet and the chord of a piano at the same time, if you know a little bit about instrumenta and its freq.
  • Yeah sorry i am dumb, i know nothing at all about instruments and their frequencies, so i just use a tuner that tells me the key/cents of the sample.
  • Would love to see a Spectrum Analyzer in BM3.

  • I'm so used to the spectrum analyser and oscilloscopes in Renoise so those were among the first things i hinted at during beta :) (I love looking at oscilloscopes when creating sounds, especially when mixing single cycle waveforms).

  • Right now I’m loading the Audio Mastering analyzer as an IAA to visualize what my DDMF EQ AUs are doing... bit clunky so I expect there’s a better way :smile:

  • Beatmakers EQs have spectrum analyzers according to @mathieugarcia, they just need to be turned on, so they should be here at some point.

  • I can’t wait for spectrum analyzer. It’s essential for serious music production.

  • Right on, this and full-screen EQ would be optimal.

  • +1000

    I am uptight about EQ <3

  • bumping this thread... definitely need a spectrum analyser in BM3!

    slight diversion... does anyone use apefilter - is the analyser on that any good? worth the investment?

  • +1 on this... anyone know of a good tuner app that is AU so I could open it on say the master of BM3 so I could see the key of my song??

  • Fred Anton Corvest seems to be filling all of the iOS gaps so we should ask him. (New app Envolver on the way).

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