Multisampled instruments

Maybe I didn't read the manual but I find it odd 7 is the number of slices for a slice to single or multiple layer. It's not a problem really but I wanted to find out if this is a fixed limitation or will something about this be updated, or am I doing something wrong?


  • Multisampling instruments was one of the things I was hyped on trying out. How's the process in practise? Might make a couple later today. Some kind of cassette piano and something guitar + pedals.. Any workflow tips?
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    @Heyez i sample on C and F for 3 octaves. Evidently to sample to single or multiple layer (one pad) 7 is the limit. So you get three octaves which is fine. Anyway I'll record the notes to a single sample and slice it. The mapping is better in the second update. In the first it was fiddly.

    You could go all out and sample to different pads too in which case you can have 128 pads. Because I'm sampling electronic sounds it's not important.
  • Not sure what your issue was here @LucidMusicInc
    I just loaded 9 samples in to one layer with no issue.
    Is this fixed in 3.0.2 ?

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    Ok the problem is slicing to grid, the last slice doesn't get an end slice marker. I figured that out awhile back.
  • I can't get it to do it here at all, when you get chance can you confirm fixed or unfixed, i will delete or add to the list ;)

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  • So you can only slice a sample in to 7 slices ?
    I have sliced samples to more slices than 7, and i have loaded more than 7 samples within a layer, I am struggling this end to replicate.
    Is it hardware specific maybe ?
    I'm on an AIR 2

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    Just add slicing multisampled instruments to the list. It's one of the more buggy aspects of the app for sure.
  • @5pinlink take a long sample and slice it to grid. You have split and slice to grid. Very commonly the last slice doesn't get added as a layer because the end slicearker doesn't get added. I don't even know how /if the scissor tool add slice marker thing works. If I did I would just add my own markers.
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    For adding your own markers you just click on the timeline at the top if i remember correctly (Sorry i don't really use the slicer much in BM3, just test for buggage)

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