F.Request: Adjust gain, filter etc. using midi controller with "layer" focus actions (not bank FAs)

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I'd love to be able to touch a pad (to automatically focus on Layer 1) then make a quick gain or filter adjustment using an external controller without having to set up a macro mapping for each and every pad. Same goes for filter cutoff, tuning, pan, saturation, amp envelope stages, and pretty much everything on the Sampler page.

This would allow for an incredibly quick workflow! Who's with me? Touch a pad, tweak a few physical knobs to shape the sound, touch the next pad, same again, boom boom done!


  • +10 :-)

    Almost totally agree,
    Macro is nice,
    but a steady real midi connection on a pad or layer,
    And maybe better, a function knob to do it on more layers
    In one flow.
    That it's possible to do cutoff for more than one layer, and
    If the function key is not pressed it only works on the selected layer.

    And maybe if one pad is connected to a controller, (cutoff, gain, etc)
    That if its copied to another pad that it copy's the controller info to another channel.
    Than its less work to do afterwards.

    And for the mixer, a standalone channel, for example channel 12 to have volume
    Controll on cc7 and pan control on cc10 and aux on other cc numbers.

    For now it's not so good, the work flow, with the macro options, that you have to select
    The track and than you can only work on that track.

    I don't have tried it fully yet, but maybe there is someone who have a good
    Workflow, let me hear it.

    Helemaal mee eens.

  • I made a mistake
    I mean fader 1 for midi channel 1
    Fader 2 for midi channel 2
    And so on.

    But this is only usefully if you have more than one controller I think. :-)

  • That would be awesome

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