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When adding more than 3 instaces of Addictive Pro They all crash in BM3, 3 runs fine, when there is a 4th it crashes, if i remove the 4th one the other 3 starts working fine again (after project reload)


  • Could be memory-related as well. Addictive Pro can be quite a ram hog at times...

    Just out of curiosity, what iPad/iOS version are you running on?

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    Ipad Pro 128Gb (12.9) Ios 11 beta 3

  • Addictive pro runs a LOT worse on my IPad Air 2 since the latest update, for all the bug fixes, It seems Ive lost a lot in CPU performance, songs that play smooth before the update struggle for me now. I went back to the first version but accidentally updated again, Now Ill have delete and install the first version again.

  • Could this possibly be the iPad pro RAM issue that Chris Randall has been talking about over at the AB forum ?

  • Maybe, i hope not, i love my PRO, it has been doing well other than this issue, and i dont seem to have the issue in AUM or cubasis though., freeze track function would help alot i can imagine

  • I am reticent to put this in the list, just because it does sound like the ipad pro bug, which is an Apple problem and can only be solved by them as far as anybody knows.
    Is it a 2017 pro ?

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    I am having the same problem with more than three instances of Addictive Pro AUv3 plugins crashing in BM3. The problem happens on my 2016 iPad Pro 9.7. It also happens on my iPad Mini 4 both running iOS 10.3.3.

  • So this is just an addictive pro issue and nothing to do with ipad pro, thanks for the info artmuzz

  • With two (four crackles) instances of the awesome Addictive Pro on my Mini2 (latest non beta everything) it's going OK but I cant see any automation options. Anyone else able to record the AU's knob movements?
    Also a couple of hung notes which arent killed by BM3's midi panic.

  • I’m on a 12.9” 2017 Pro, and even a single instance of Addictive Pro AU crashes indefinitely within the first five minutes of use. Additionally, I can get no noise from the noise generator.

    BM3 crashes constantly for me, nearly every hour or less.

    Both Virsyn and Intua have offered extremely little support, even though both have reached out to me, no suggestions for recourse were offered and nothing has come of it. Virsyn didn’t even acknowledge my actual problem, but rambled off about some IAA issue.

    Me and iPad music production right now are in a huge tiff, and I wish I could see that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Can someone tell me about this 2017 Pro issue? Are my symptoms sounding like it? Will backing up to Cloud and restoring help anything?

  • Can someone tell me about this 2017 Pro issue? Are my symptoms sounding like it? Will backing up to Cloud and restoring help anything?

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