Not sure if this is a bug or I'm imagining it. And if it is a bug I'm not sure what it relates to but guessing one of those three things in the thread title?

Seems to me like notes are slightly off the beat sometimes. Like I can be looping a pattern and some passes it'll sound super tight, other times it'll sound like some of the notes are slightly late.. Anyone else feeling same thing?


  • same here

  • Yeah having this pretty regularly, bit worrying...
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    Can you make up and upload a session that does it @StudioES, timing and solid playback are pretty much the backbone of a good UX.
    This needs to be quashed.

  • @StudioES said:
    Thanks 5pin! Here's the link to the Session in Dropbox (600KB):

    It's basic: One Bank contains Rozeta Rhythm & Bassline, which are driving 2 other Banks: 1 containing 3 drum samples, and another containing a single Saw wave sample.

    Just moving around BM3’s interface sometimes causes slight stutters and short pauses during playback. Clicking Settings to check the CPU meter almost always causes a very short pause in sound, and sometimes MIDI notes hang too (note in this case since there's no legato). I'm on an iPad Mini 2, BM3.0.8 at 512 Samples Buffer, iOS11.2.1. CPU rarely exceeds 10% with this lightweight Session.

    Is your saw wave file smaller than a few kb?

  • @StudioES said:

    I will get @mathieugarcia to have a look at this in the following days dude, to be fair, i have just had a right go at him (Ungrateful entitled **** that i am fully aware that i am) about features being removed and not just becoming optional, so right now i am probably not the right person to pass him more bugs hahaha.

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    @mefisme Saw Bass=262KB. Closed Hat=18KB, Kick=21KB, Snare=18KB. All 16bit 44.1kHZ WAVs. I wonder if playback stutters when checking the CPU meter for other people? Anyone want to check? All that's needed is Rozeta.
    @5pinlink Thanks man. BTW, appreciate all your hard work on this forum!

    K I was just curious. I am diagnosing CPU issues that I have on occasion myself. Do you happen to have external gear or an audio interface you are using?

  • @StudioES said:
    Nothing external, just the iPad and headphones or iPad speakers.
    Did you download & test that Session?

    I would but I don't have those plugins yet. I do not have an iPad Mini 2 so my results would be different. I have the first gen 9.7 iPad Pro. Suppose I could still download and test.

  • Will test when i get home

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    Definitely cutting out when going to settings, less than 10% CPU.
    I haven't had it cut out anywhere else yet, any other specific areas it cuts out ?

    Yep it cuts out or goes slightly latent when you click on the rozetta bank header in the mixer, then go back out.

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